Available Services

Individual Therapy

All Ages

Individual therapy is offered to anyone ages 5+. Individual therapy can be helpful in addressing trauma, social emotional well-being, grief, and other mental health concerns.

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Virtual Presentations

I offer 1 to 2 hour webinars or presentations on various topics such as, mindfulness, self care, boundaries, grief & loss, stress management and other mental health topics. 

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Grief Counselling

All Ages

Death and end of life concerns may be addressed by seeking out individual grief counselling. Have someone witness and guide through many types of loss.

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I offer consultation to groups and other professionals in regard to grief, palliative care, and traumatic losses.

Please email me to determine if this service would be appropriate for your needs.

ADHD Assessments

All Ages

I offer a comprehensive full assessment to diagnose ADHD. I offer these assessments for ages 5+. 

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