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Virtual Therapy

Updated: May 7, 2020

In these times of uncertainty and physical distancing, it’s even more important to address any mental health concerns that are coming up.

Most therapists are now adapting and moving into the virtual world. This kind of therapy does have it’s challenges and differences to in-person therapy but has been shown to have similar benefits as in-person therapy. During this time when people are isolating and are in quarantine, it’s a good alternative!

Like my colleagues, I’m now offering more openings to virtual sessions in Alberta, Canada. I generally use the platform Zoom which will require to download the app from google play, Apple’s app store, or from their website. A meeting ID will be sent to you in an email. My rates are still the same and I do have a modest sliding scale for low income. If you have insurance coverage, I bill after session and you are then able to submit the receipt directly to your insurance company!

If you are unable to leave the home and feel you want therapeutic support, you can schedule your online session with me here.

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